Friday, March 13, 2015


Dear members, sponsors, stakeholders and well wisher!
I greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ! It has been a while since we last communicated.
We had our three children Graduate from the University in December as well as January this year.
Agnes graduated with a diploma in social work and social Development, Sarah graduated with a bachelors degree in Social sciences and Florence graduated with a bachelors degree in statistics. This is a grate achievement to CMU since it was established in 2002.
Apart from the above children, other four children have finished their certificate courses and they are awaiting graduation which will take place soon.

Mean while our two senior six candidates passed their exams and they are also waiting to join the other two girls at the university. Among these two we have our first boy to join university from the first bunch of the children that CMU begun with. We are so excited to see him join the University.
Still on education we have three other children that we have hopes in that they will join University next year because they are doing their senior six this 2015.

More other children have joined advanced level while others are in their candidate classes waiting to join other level levels of education.   At least every child was able to go to another class if not another level.

The mission is doing well, Children have good health and the discipline is also good, Thanks to the great team that is working so hard to reach this.
We are very grateful to God for this success and to the sponsors and other supporters, May God continue to bless you.
We say Ebenezer. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014


She traveled to Germany almost a month ago and she reached safely. Glory be to God for his safety and protection.
Thanks for the good reception and the way you have kept her for all this time she is there on official duties. she will be returning to CMU soon and we are praying for journey mercies and protection.
Mummy thanks for mothering so many in Uganda, young and old and Am sure it is not only in Uganda that you have mothered, even other countries have enjoyed your motherly love God bless you sooo.... much.
For you sponsors, most children are looking up on you and they treasure you so much that they want to know what is happening to you all the time. If you get any opportunity allow your child to have a oersonal relationship with you.
You are your child's prayer request every day especially during the CMU prayer time. Your little angel remembers to pray for you all the time.
Stay blessed.

Monday, July 14, 2014


God has seen us this far! we are grateful to all our supporters that is financially, physically, morally, spiritually material support,  and any other way that you have been able to support.
Thanks to Lisa and Annikah for all the voluntary work that you did and mostly for loving the children, also Alex and Christina and Andreas. May God bless you for the good work done.
Another opportunity with Lisa from UK who is with the children now. She loves the children and they enjoy her attention and care. We are looking forward for more volunteers that will help and support these children to have decent lives.
The children are in the middle of term two and we are expecting good results because there is a great improvement in their academics.
One more child has enrolled for nursing in Kuluva Hospital and we look forward to having two qualified nurses in two-three years.
The  children are healthy, a few sicknesses have been on and off but we thank God for the good health and healing for those that have been sick.
Although we are taking care of these children, more still need help. We have a very big file full of needy children and they are all waiting and looking up on CMU for help.
We are calling up on any one that can support in any way to do so for the well being of such children. God bless you.

Monday, November 19, 2012

CMU Candidates/ CMU Kandidaten fuer Examen

We thank God for the gift of life for you and for us. We know some challenges come in although in everything we should always keep our hope and trust in the Lord God Almighty.
All the children are doing well and we thank God for that.
The number of children has increased and we thank God for blessing us with such children. We also thank all the people that are supporting.

In the candidate classes, we had 3 children in primary, 3 in Senior 4 and 2 in Senior 6. We have not yet known whether those that have finished S.4 would want join tertiary institutions or not but next year we are likely to have a bigger number in the institutions.  This means that expenditure especially for tuition and other institutional needs will go up. It is a big challenge that is ahead of CMU and we are requesting for your advice and any way one would be of help to see how these children can make it in life. It is expensive to have a child in an institution.
We thank you for your usual support and we pray that God will continue to use you!

Wir danken dem Herrn, der uns und euch das Leben geschenkt hat. Wir wissen, dass Herausforderungen immer wieder auf uns zu kommen, aber wir sollen in allem Gott vertrauen. Den Kindern geht es allen gut. Mehr Kinder sind dazu gekommen und wir sind dankbar fuer alle Unterstuetzung.
Dieses Jahr haben 3 Kinder Grundschulexamen geschrieben, 3 Kinder O-Level Examen und 2 A-Level Examen. Wir wissen noch nicht ob die 3 Kandidaten, die mit O-Level fertig sind, noch A-Level machen oder einen Beruf lernen. Ab naechstem Jahr werden mehr Kinder Berufskollegs besuchen, was die Kosten dafuer in die Hoehe treiben wird. Wir sind dankbar fuer jeden Rat und Unterstuetzung fuer diese Kinder.
Vielen Dank und Gott moege euch segnen und zum Segen setzen.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Paten Gesucht

Zum CMU Kinderheim sind neue Kinder dazugekommen, die noch Paten brauchen. Wer moechte gerne mithelfen, dass diese Kinder gut versorgt werden koennen und zur Schule/ Kindergarten gehen koennen? Ausserdem haetten wir 3 aeltere Patenkinder zu vergeben, die gerade keinen "Sponsor" haben.
Vielen Dank wieder allen die bereits mithelfen!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


The second term for the year 2012 is over and some of the children have gone to visit their relatives in their villages. We have two children that have no relatives yet and they spend the short holidays like these on station.
We have so far received some report forms from some of the schools and the performance is not bad. We have some that are among the best and some that have not performed to what we expected.   
We shall continue to encourage, counsel and help them to improve on their performance especially that they are going to a promotional term. We are grateful to everyone that contributed to their studies last term.
We cannot forget to say thanks to Mirjam and Markus for the good work done for these children during their stay at CMU, we can as well attribute the children's better performance to the two.
We are encouraging more people to make different contribution of any kind towards the education of these children that we believe has a lot to their future.

Das 2. Trimester des Schuljahres 2012 ist vorbei und die meisten Kinder gingen nach Hause in die Ferien. 2 der Kinder haben im Moment noch kein Zuhause und sind somit hiergeblieben.
Die Zeugnisse der Kinder waren teilweise gut und teilweise nicht so gut. Wir werden die Kinder weiterhin ermutigen und ihnen helfen, dass sie bessere Abschlusszeugnisse bekommen, da dies das letzte Trimester des Schuljahres ist. Vielen Dank an alle, die dazu beigetragen haben, dass die Kinder lernen konnten.
Auch an Markus und Mirjam ein herzliches Dankeschoen fuer ihre Arbeit mit den Kindern im CMU Kinderheim.